A Game of Thrones - George R R Martin

There's just something about fantasy on an epic scale and Martin definitely delivers. A Game of Thrones is just the beginning. The first book isn't packed full of action but it's an excellent introduction to the characters and the lands and cultures they inhabit.

Excellently written, each chapter is narrated by a different character, giving the reader a thorough view of events. Some characters are lovable and others you just love to hate.

Set in a world which resembles our own medieval Europe, Kings, knights and chivalry abound. The men and women of this story inhabit a world where summer lasts for years; but, the longer the summer, the harder and longer the winter. The Seven Kingdoms are on the brink of winter and with winter comes the hint of a return to days gone by. Days where the Children of the Forest could communicate with the old gods and giants walked in the North.

At the close of the first novel, the King is dead, civil war is on the horizon as three lords contend for the Iron Throne and the last female child of the old line of dragon kings, exiled in a strange land, ushers in a new era with the birth of three dragons, long thought to be extinct.

I can hardly spare time to eat. All I want to do is read. I can't wait to see how epic this epic will get!


stevent said...

A Song of Ice and Fire is definitely my favorite fantasy series. George R.R. Martin's characters are incredibly written, and his storytelling opinion is unmatched. It's amazing how characters you may hate in the first novel, you may grow to like over the course of the next 3 novels, and characters you once liked start to display qualities that you dislike. His characters are constantly shifting and changing, and it's hard to know who to cheer for at times. Book 2 tends to drag a bit, setting up what is to come, but by the end of Book 3, everything hits the fan.

Nicole Maddock said...

I'm halfway through the second book and I'm still hooked. If next two are even better, I might die of excitement!

RantsandReads said...

You are in for a treat when you start reading the next books in the series. You're lucky you can read them all now. I had to wait over 5 years for Feast of Crows to be published after I finished reading Storm of Swords.

the duck thief said...

You aren't by any chance on Goodreads are you? We're discussing this book for June.

I fortunately found this book in a library book sale and was immediately hooked. The form Martin writes in was completely new to me and can I just say if you love this book, you will love "A Storm of Swords". I stayed up till the early hours of the morning to finish that one. As well, if Martin finishes the book on time "A Dance of Dragons" will be published at the end of September.

stevent said...

Storm of Swords is definitely the best.

Nicole Maddock said...

Just started it!