Lost and Found - Shakespeare Folio

Good news for Shakespeare enthusiasts and book lovers alike!

The BBC recently reported that the 1623 first Shakespeare folio, stolen in 1998 along with several other important works, has been recovered. Everyone can breath a sigh of relief! Shakespeare is probably giving the thumbs up from his grave.

The folio turned up at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC, after a man, claiming to have purchased the work in Cuba, asked library staff to confirm that the folio was indeed penned by Will himself.

The Librarians, geniuses that they are, soon realized what they had in their hot little hands and reported that the missing folio was finally found!

I think the moral of the story is, whilst on vacation, make sure to keep your eyes open for priceless literary works. Apparently they can turn up anywhere!

To read the rest of the story from BBC News click here.

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