An Important Life Lesson - Guest Post

So, a good friend of mine experienced a funny little incident the other day. I thought it was too hilarious not to share.

Here it is, in my friend's own words.

Now ladies...we know we all do it...but getting caught is a different story.

I've been dating someone for the past couple of weeks, very much an important time in any relationship, especially when dating in the city. Figuring out what rules to follow, what lines to trust and what actions mean business. In trying to see through the jungle of a man's mind and intentions, we often turn to our girls friends to help us decipher the details.

Yesterday (being Sunday) I went for a stroll with one of my girl friends, down to our local bar to have bevies on the patio. On our way there she asked me how things were going with me and the new man – and – being the great friend that she is, I poured out all the juicy details. Yes, I had texted him on Friday and he had (my words) dropped everything to come and meet me (which was good)...and then we continued on discussing his failure to call the night before (as he said was going to), but how that was OK and well, you know, I have my own life and I’m have a busy social calendar and he can’t expect me to just wait around – but he did text today, so that’s OK...and well, I’m sure you can get a picture of the kind of throw-down conversation that we were having.

We enjoyed our time on the patio, during which my cell phone died (always seems to come as a surprise!). We went home and I plugged it in, only to see that I had missed a call from my boy. Anxious to hear what he had to say, I listened to the message straight away. As it turns out, just as I was beginning my conversation with my girl friend all about the boy, I had accidentally CALLED him and left an VERY LONG message in his voicemail (basically a spy recording of our conversation) and he heard EVERYTHING. ‘All of it. ALL OF IT’ was how he put it. Every last detail of the ‘girl-scheming’. He called it the most informative and valuable message he had every received.


After barely listening to his message, I ran to my girls for support. How could this have happened??? What else does he know?? How could I have let him this far into ‘girl-world’?? Have I broken some sort-of barrier?!?! Could this mean the end?? Now that he knows exactly how I feel??

Well, as it turns out, my new guy DOES have a sense of humour and all is forgiven. He has promised to not pour over the message for every juicy detail – but come-on! You know if I have that kind of info, I wouldn’t let it go to waste.

I guess, well, I’m just saying as a warning...next time you dish with your girls...be sure that your cell phone is off.



Paola Gracile said...

hahaha! best story ever. love the guest blogging!! who is this unfortunate yet hysterical friend?

Cindy B said...

Totally laughing! Ah, it's nice to be done with dating.

CMBohn, at LT

Morphidae said...

This is hysterical!