Mister B. Gone - Clive Barker

Definitely not my favourite Clive Barker. I had previously only read his works of fantasy, and loved them. So, I thought I would try his newest horror creation.

I was intrigued at first. As the narrator draws you in, speaking directed to you, he demands that you burn the book before reading further. Well, this made me want to read immediately on; what could be so bad, I thought?

Reading on, it became harder and harder for me to turn each page without wincing in disgust. I finally realized that I cannot relate to a protagonist - or, antagonist in my view - who takes great pleasure in causing people pain. Of course, all of this is described simply but in the most gruesome fashion.

It was obvious to me that my weak stomach could not read on. I think I will stick to his fantasy selections!


Cindy B said...

I will definitely pass on this one!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Not my favourite Barker work for sure, but I always enjoy reading his material. Given that horror is my flavour, I appreciate his unfailingly explicit depictions.

Nicole Maddock said...

ahh. yes. I've never read horror before. I can see how his always excellent writing, and gruesome descripting, would appeal to fans of this horrifying genre. I didn't think myself light of heart, or stomach, before I read this book! Now I know what a wuss I am!