Officially the Library Lady.

I've never thought of myself as the typical librarian. I'm new to the profession, just starting to get my feet wet and I obviously consider myself young at 27. Even during library school I was told by a fellow classmate that I was, "too cool for library school." I took great offense to this. I really really wanted to be a librarian and couldn't believe that because I liked social events and chose my outfits very carefully, I was considered a an unlikely choice for a librarian.

But, this weekend, I had a defining moment when I realized that no matter the nose piercing and large visible tattoos, I am still viewed by my students as a stereotypical librarian.

I LOVE to dance so Friday night me and the girls (two of us are librarians) danced the night away at the new club in town. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a student pointing right at me saying, "oohhh look, it's the library lady." Well, as these words left her mouth I was instantly transformed. Gone was the pretty dress and high heels. Banished was the carefully applied makeup and straightened hair. In their place instantly appeared the bun, the granny chain, the tweed suit with elbow patches and a big loud SHHH!

I am redeemed. I am the Library Lady.

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Anonymous said...

Being the other person told "you're too cool for library school" when you were, I feel as if I have to comment on this post.

I often also get told that I don't look like a librarian. People say to me "you don't look like a librarian... they have grey hair in buns and glasses". Like you, I pride myself on my nice clothes, great hair, and the fact that I put a lot of effort into my good looks.

But, I also find that when guys meet a young librarian, their minds immediately go to the depiction of the 'Hot Librarian' in porn. So we’re depicted as either the old ‘Library Lady’ with the bun and glasses or the ‘Sexy Librarian’ depicted in pornography.

Maybe this is our cue to start a new trend of the ‘Young, Hot, Stylish Librarian’ who not only knows her way around the Dewey Decimal System but also how to match cute heels with a great outfit!